Funding the Future of Farming Businesses

We understand the unique challenges faced by young and growing farms. You play a critical role in feeding the world and keeping supply chains moving with essential products. You shouldn't be faced with barriers to securing the funding you need for the vital work you do.

We work with the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Farm Service Agency (FSA) to bring loans to farmers who cannot obtain financing from commercial lenders. We simplify the process and ensure your questions are answered every step of the way.

What is an FSA Loan?

FSA loans are aimed specifically at farmers and ranchers looking to access low-interest federal credit options that are easier to obtain than conventional loans. The program offers low down payment programs for young or economically disadvantaged farmers, making the possibility of farm and ranch ownership a reality.  

Qualifying for an FSA Loan

FSA loans are easier to qualify for than traditional lending programs. To be considered for an FSA loan, you must meet the following requirements:

Direct Farm Ownership

FO loans offer up to $300,000 in funding for farm ownership.

Direct Operating Loan

Direct OL loans offer $300,000 as well as micro loan options up to $35,000.

Guaranteed Farm Ownership or Operating Loan

These guaranteed loans offer funding up to $1,776,000,varying annually based on inflation.

Types of FSA Loans

There are three types of FSA loans to support new farmers in their efforts to purchase farms and farmlands or fund farm operations.

Making Farm Ownership Possible 

The USDA also offers joint funding options with other lenders to fund up to 100% of the FSA loan. Through this option, the USDA funds up to 50% of the loan and another lender funds 50% or more of the loan. Repayment terms on joint funding options extend up to 40 years.

Other benefits of FSA loans include

Lower Interest Rates

FSA loans offer lower interest rates than traditional lending programs.

Reserved Funding for Special Groups

Specific groups of farmers and ranchers can receive special considerations due to the numerous programs aimed at supporting farmers.

Funding for Disaster and Emergency Needs

When disasters or emergencies strike, the USDA offers special FSA loans to replace or restore equipment, machines, and property.

Faster Approval Times

FSA loan processing times are faster than traditional lending programs.

Down Payment Programs

Socially disadvantaged farmers have access to low down payment programs. Retiring farmers may also transfer their farms to future farmers via this program.