Accelerate Your Growth with Government Contracts Financing

Securing a government contract opens up your business to new growth opportunities. But having the necessary capital upfront to scale operations is a serious and ongoing challenge. This is where many businesses face regular hardships. And, this is where our service is most sought-after.

We understand the unique challenges faced by businesses entering government contracts. Working with government agencies is filled with red tape and slow payment times, making it difficult for you to stay afloat while payments come in many months.

We end this nonstop struggle with slow government payments by financing your outstanding invoices that sets the stage to enable and support your company growth.

We can finance your outstanding invoices within 24-48 hours instead of typical 30-90 days of waiting, so you can scale your business. Whether you need funding for payroll or operating costs, we offer lending options tailored to your unique needs so you can reach your full business potential servicing critical government contracts.

Our Lending Expertise is Your Advantage

We have two lending options to help you service government contracts so you can focus on scaling your operations instead of waiting for invoice payments. Focus on what matters the most for growth.

Lending Options Tailored to Your Needs

Our two options will help you secure the necessary capital you need to meet your ongoing obligations.

Invoice Financing/Accounts Receivables Financing

Invoice financing uses outstanding accounts receivables to provide immediate funding to your business instead of waiting 30-90 days for government payment. Through this simple process, we help you sell outstanding invoices for funding up to 92 percent of invoice value within 24-48 hours; and, when we government pays 30-90 days later, you will receive the remaining balance minus a small service fee.

Fee structure typically looks like:
- 1% -1.5% of invoice amount per 30 days +/-depending on risk, workload, and volume.
- Up to 92% invoice advance rate to staffing companies
- Up to 85% invoice advance rate on all other types of companies except staffing

Asset-Based Lending

Through asset-based lending, your company can use your assets, including accounts receivables, inventory, machinery, and equipment, as collateral to secure a revolving line of credit to meet your current financial obligations.

Cost is typically structured as an Annual Percentage Rate (APR) based on amount borrowed that’s outstanding
- Up to 85% AR advance rate
- Up to 50% advance rate of inventory costs, capped 1:1 of total AR availability

Credit facilities start at $1 million to $30 million

Government Receivables Financing Supercharges your Business Growth

Government accounts receivables financing provides stable and immediate working capital to meet your contractual obligations. The expenses for current projects and the investments in future growth plans gets hampered by wait times of 30-90 days to receive government invoice payments. For businesses working on multiple government projects, this critical time between work and payment creates serious and disruptive cashflow challenges.

This is where we come in to provide working capital within 24-48 hours so you can seamlessly manage payroll, overhead costs, materials and ensure operational stability and act on critical opportunities to take on new contracts without delay. Invoice financing for government contracts provides a reliable cushion to protect your cash flow throughout each project lifecycle.

If you are reluctant to bid on new government contracts because you are worrying that you may not be able to keep your business running smoothly in the meantime, then you must know that you do have predictable and reliable options to simplify the process. Our financing solutions strengthens your position to fulfill your existing contract, accept new government contracts, cover payroll, operational costs, and robustly take on additional projects while enabling steady business growth.

Secure More Government Contracts with Flexible Funding

We are committed to helping your business confidently bid on more government contracts and deliver on the promises outlined in those contracts.

Personalized Solutions

We understand the challenges of government contracts and the upfront and ongoing expenses. We help structure your financing to make sense for your business.

Fast Financing

When you need capital to keep your business moving forward, you can’t wait months for payments on invoices. Our financing moves at the speed of your business, giving you the capital you need today to deliver on your contractual terms.

A Trusted Partner

We're experts in government contract lending and make our decisions quickly, so you always know who to contact when you have questions about your loan or securing more funds.

Experience You Can Trust

Our extensive experience in the government contracting sector helps you obtain the cash flow you need to successfully grow and secure future contracts.

Our Fee Structure

We are compensated directly by the lenders in a very high majority of cases. For those rare few cases, where we must charge clients fee, we may use the following fee schedule, except Hard Money and Cannabis Loans that could incur additional costs.

Our Fees         Loan Amount

1.0%              <$1,000,000
0.9%              $1,000,001 - $2,000,000
0.8%              $2,000,001 - $3,000,000
0.7%              $3,000,001 - $4,000,000
0.6%              $4,000,001 - $5,000,000
0.5%               >$5,000,001