MCA Debt Restructuring

If you are carrying at least $50,000 in high-cost Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) debt and struggling to service it, we maybe able to help.

Thousands of businesses are being forced into avoidable failure as the daily payback on crippling merchant cash advances suffocate their operational cashflow accounts. With this service, we offer business owners trapped in this harmful situation, an affordable way out of this expensive business debt, towards a clear path to regain financial control.

Your three Options with Us

MCA Debt Restructuring

 - $50,000 min. in total debt

 - No min. FICO required

 - Payment savings are immediate

 - 90% approval Rate

 - All Industries Qualify

Working Capital Loan

 - $25,000 - $5 million

 - 5-10 year term, monthly payments

 - Can close within 2 weeks

 - Low restrictions on use of funds

 - Numerous Industries Qualify

 - Can be structured as an SBA Loan

SBA Loan
(Debt Consolidation)

 - $150,000 min. in total debt

 - Up to $5 million with 10 year term

 - Low rates and competitive terms

 - Numerous industries qualify

 - Federally-guaranteed SBA Loan

How to Submit Case Files For Debt Restructuring

Here's What You Can Expect

The End Game

There is no one-size-fits-all MCA debt restructuring. It is because business owners have unique circumstances. Some have just one MCA, but others have stacked dix deals! However, our service service is centered around these core outcomes:

The Truth

The process we have in place is designed for total resolution of MCA debt, but time is of the essence. MCA lenders have an aggressive lending cycle built-in that is absolutely not designed to favor small business owners, but it does not mean you give up hope and end up losing all that you worked hard to build. You must take charge now and take action to crush MCA debt quickly before it gets out of control.

Please take a moment to watch this Bloomberg BusinessWeek story about MCAs.