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We specialize in restructuring outstanding merchant cash advance debt on new terms. Businesses who are having trouble paying off their MCA debt and are searching for more manageable repayment terms may find this solution to be beneficial. Businesses should carefully consider all of their alternatives and select the strategy that best suits their requirements. You may get additional information from us if you're a business owner who is having trouble making merchant cash advance payments and are curious about your choices for reorganizing your MCA debt.

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    Top 3 Questions from Business Owners

    6-18 Months

    Time it can take to get out of Debt

    The optimal technique and timing for a company will be determined by its unique financial circumstances, the type of its overall debt, and the resources available. Businesses must carefully consider all of their alternatives before deciding on the method and timing that best matches their goals.


    Average percentage of debt paid back

    It's essential to assess a company's existing status, kind of debt, creditors, and the extent of their negotiation power. The current financial resources of the company and the owners' ability to contribute to the effort must also be taken into consideration.

    Approx. 4

    Can I miss payments and still succeed?

    8 out of 10 businesses were successful despite having missed an average of 4 payments. Even if there have been a few late payments along the road, we assist businesses in reorganizing their debt. This is due to the fact that we are aware of how unpredictable cashflow might be and have prepared for such events. These customers made no extra payments or penalties.

    Sales Down?

    Cash Flow Slow?

    Debt too high?


    Their lack of cash flow prevented them from paying their bills on time.

    They ran up their credit cards, tapped into their savings accounts, borrowed from friends and family and still owed their creditors money.

    They needed better terms on their loans, leases, suppliers and credit cards.

    They could barely afford the interest on their problem debts.

    Their creditors posed a serious threat to them and their business.

    They felt like they were being hunted down by collectors.

    Their health, family relationships and quality of life deteriorated due to business and family related pressures.

    They no longer had to deal with creditors, collectors or attorneys.

    Instead their debts were handled by Certified Master Debt Negotiators. Each one has settled over 1,000 times and saved clients over $10 million.

    Creditors started offering better, more affordable payment terms.

    They stopped using their personal money to pay their business’ debts.

    They felt more confident and in control of their future.

    They were able to get out of debt using as little cash flow as possible.

    They paid back less money than they owed, even with the cost of our services.

    If you and your company are suffering from just a few of these challenges, your situation is probably urgent.

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    What to Expect from The Process

    consider us for MCA Debt Resolution

    Our firm is focused on assisting small companies with merchant cash advance (MCA) debt relief. MCA debt can be a difficult burden for small businesses, therefore it's crucial for these companies to thoroughly consider their choices and pick a debt reduction or restructuring strategy that suits their unique needs.

    Businesses have a few alternatives when it comes to MCA debt relief, including MCA debt restructuring, MCA debt consolidation, and MCA debt settlement. Each of these solutions has advantages and disadvantages, so it's crucial for organizations to carefully weigh their options and select the strategy that best suits their requirements.

    Businesses who are battling with MCA debt might benefit greatly from working with a professional business debt restructuring organization. Our knowledgeable advisory team can assist firms in negotiating new terms with their lenders. It can be beneficial to get in touch with our business debt restructuring firm for further information if you are a small business owner who is dealing with MCA debt and are interested in learning more about debt relief or restructuring alternatives.

    Erase Merchant Cash Advance Debt

    There is no one-size-fits-all strategy that will work for every business; rather, business debt restructuring is a process that is customized to the unique circumstances of each business with a significant debt burden. This is especially true for companies that have gotten merchant cash advances (MCAs), as these cash advances' conditions can vary greatly depending on the lender.

    Our services are focused on the following results:

    Truth About Merchant Cash Advances

    If a company that has taken out a merchant cash advance (MCA) is having difficulties paying it back, it's critical that they handle the debt as quickly as feasible. The conditions of MCAs are seldom in the small company owner's favor, and they can be a pricey type of financing.

    A company may swiftly enter default if it is unable to make its MCA payments, which might result in significant repercussions including legal action and harm to the company's credit rating. One excellent choice for companies who are having trouble paying off their MCA debt is to use expert debt reduction or restructuring services. With the use of these services, firms may renegotiate loan conditions with their lenders.

    Businesses should carefully consider their alternatives and select a debt relief or corporate debt restructuring strategy that best suits their unique requirements. The firm always runs the danger of failing to properly handle its MCA debt if they don't make it a priority problem, therefore it's critical to remember that the success of a debt reduction or restructuring attempt is not assured.

    Watch this Bloomberg Businessweek story about Merchant Cash Advances.

    Common Merchant Cash Advance Terms

    (Merchant Cash Advance) MCA Business Loans

    Small firms frequently employ a sort of borrowing known as a merchant cash advance (MCA). An MCA is not a loan in the conventional sense, in contrast to a typical loan. Instead, it is a cash advance that is backed by the company's upcoming credit and debit card sales.

    An MCA has the benefit of potentially being simpler to get than a conventional loan, which is beneficial for firms that might not be eligible for conventional financing owing to bad credit or a lack of collateral. Additionally, MCA lenders could be more accommodating when it comes to repayment, letting firms pay back the advance using a portion of their daily or monthly credit and debit card sales. For companies with erratic or fluctuating revenue, this can be extremely useful.

    MCAs, on the other hand, might be more expensive than conventional loans due to higher interest rates and costs. Businesses should carefully consider their alternatives and select the funding strategy that best suits their requirements.

    (Merchant Cash Advance) MCA Debt Restructuring

    Our firm is dedicated to assisting small businesses in overcoming financial difficulties and achieving stability. Businesses should have access to services and assistance since dealing with difficult financial conditions may be stressful and burdensome. This will help them get back on track. It may be beneficial to seek assistance from a company that specializes in corporate debt relief or restructuring if a company is having trouble paying its creditors or its cash flow is decreasing. We may be able to assist the company in creating a strategy to control its debt by negotiating improved terms with creditors.

    (Merchant Cash Advance) MCA Debt Resolution

    Our firm is committed to assisting companies who are drowning in unmanageable merchant cash advance (MCA) debt. MCA debt can be a difficult burden for small businesses, therefore it's crucial for these companies to thoroughly consider their choices and pick a debt reduction or restructuring strategy that suits their particular requirements. A company that specializes in debt reduction or restructuring may be able to aid a business that is having trouble making MCA payments. By negotiating new terms with the creditors, our company might be able to assist the company in creating a strategy to manage its debt.

    (Merchant Cash Advance) MCA Loan Consolidation

    If a firm is having to repay several merchant cash advances (MCAs), combining them into one payment may assist. MCA consolidation includes borrowing to repay several MCAs. This can be done with a bank loan or an MCA consolidation firm loan. Small businesses gain from MCA consolidation. Businesses may improve cash flow and lower monthly payments by merging numerous MCAs into a single loan.

    MCA consolidation loans may also offer cheaper interest rates than individual MCAs, saving firms money and making payments easier. It's crucial to remember that MCA consolidation isn't suited for every organization and has dangers. Businesses must thoroughly consider their alternatives and pick the best one. If you're contemplating MCA consolidation, a debt restructuring business may help you create a better strategy.

    MCA Debt Consolidation & MCA Debt Relief

    Merchant cash advance consolidation and relief are two ways to manage MCA debt. Repaying numerous merchant cash advances requires a new loan. A bank or MCA consolidation business can accomplish this. MCA consolidation can assist organizations with several MCAs lower monthly payments and increase cash flow.

    Merchant cash advance relief involves engaging with a lender to improve MCA terms. This might entail extending a business's loan repayment period, lowering the interest rate, or both. Businesses struggling to meet MCA payments may benefit from MCA relief. MCA consolidation and relief can be risky and not suited for every firm. A business that specializes in MCA debt restructuring can help you create a strategy for MCA consolidation or relief.