Farm loan programs are designed to provide farm ownership (FO) and operating loans (OL) to help farmers and ranchers who don't qualify for commercial loans from a traditional bank and other commercial lenders. Farm service agency loans give guarantees to family-size farmers so that they can start, expand, and maintain a family farm without cumber some financial burden. An FSA loan can be used to construct a new farm, or make farm improvements and purchase equipment, feed, seed, supplies, and even the land for effective farming.

Farm service agency loans are a good choice for beginning farmers who don’t have sufficient financial resources for conventional loan approval criteria. It also provides financial help and support to established farmers who are struggling to maintain their farming operations or have suffered financial losses and setbacks after a natural disaster. So, if you are someone looking for Farm Service Agency (FSA) loans, USDA Farm Loans are an ideal option with fairly low interest rates. These farm loan programs are backed by the Federal government with strong support for farming services.

So, when you look to apply for FSA loans for farm ownerships and operations, here are three key steps to a successful loan application:

Determine your goals and financial requirements

The very first thing you should ask yourself is how much your farm ownership and operations cost. It depends on a lot of factors and the real challenge is to find the right size for your specific farming goals. Your loan application depends on your financial goals, availability of land/facility, crop types, production goals, and your budget. You need to find a balance between all these factors to find the right FSA loan option for your needs.

Research how much demand there is

When you look for farm service agency loans, it is a better idea to research and demonstrate how much demand there is in the market for the crops you are farming. It is very essential to analyze the market and demand before deciding on the starting number for your farm investment.

Your farming success depends on how well you utilize the investment and your ability to meet the production to demand. Most lenders ask for your marketing and sales plan to know if you will be able to pay back the loan amount. It is why you have to build early relationships with customers and understand your crop preferences and market demands.

Take a look at your financial situation and keep everything in order

It is very hard to make a successful loan application and qualify for an FSA loan when you just starting out. You have to make your financial house in order first before applying for an FSA loan. You need to have the following information with you before talking to a lender for farm service agency loans:

·       History of any farm profit

·       Balance sheet

·       Insurance information

·       Balance sheet

·       Statement of cash flow

·       Marketing plan

Approaching a lender with essential paperwork is the key to a successful loan application. Any wrong info could hurt your loan application process.

These are the key steps that every farm owner needs to follow when looking for farm service agency loans for farm ownership and operations. Getting everything in order will help you start well and get the maximum loan amount, interest rates, term, and use of proceeds.

Reach out to us and we can discuss in detail how farm loans might be the best choice for your business growth plans.