Gone are the days when doing a business was hassle free. These days, dealing with businesses is all about ups and downs. Mantra to manifest is that risks and rewards are inexorable, and one component always outshines the other. Contemplating that, this might come across as daunting for those who have recently started their business and fail to have adequate funds to run their business smoothly. There is always a need to support activities like payment of wages, expansion of the business, a new project, acquisition of a new assets etc. In addition, the competitive market may emerge as a reason for the loss in working capital and low cashflow. This is where the banks and commercial loan givers act as a lifeline by financing commercial loans to finance the business and other related activities. Business loans permit a business owner to swiftly run the business when a financial crisis hits. 

You may finance commercial loans to kick start your latest project, extend and expand your business to new site (s), and bag the latest modern pieces of equipment, office space, and properties.

Some of the perks of commercial loans are mentioned below.

-       Business Growth: There is no denying that finance is the backbone of any business, making sure that every need of technology, workforce and marketing is fulfilled efficiently and effectively. This further assists in expanding the business to a larger scale. All the things that are mentioned below need a good working capital that a commercial loan can provide.

-       Easy availability: With loads of banking choices accessible in the market, these days, it is less complex to get a commercial loan at competitive interest rates from various banks and commercial loan providers. These banks even offer commercial loans without any collateral.

There are two types of business loans:

- Secured business loans

- Unsecured business loans

Secured commercial loans are a kind of loan that is taken against security. On the other hand, unsecured commercial loans are a kind of loan that is without any collateral. Not to mention, secured commercial loans have lower interest rates in comparison to unsecured loans. In the United States of America, average interest rates for business loans range from 4% to 9%. However, the interest rate on unsecured varies from 12% to 25$ depending on multiple factors such as credit score, risk profile of business, owners experience, cashflow strength, the business plan, loan amount, and repayment schedule with other financial aspects.

·       Reduced interest rates:  As the creditor starts paying the loan payment, the principal sum reduces. Hence, the interest is implemented to the left-out balance of the principal and not on the amount lent. This technique is popularly known as the reduction in the interest rate. 

·       Fixed interest rates: On the contrary to the lessening interest rate, the best way to calculate the interest rate on the inceptive credit sum is a fixed interest rate. Post paying installments, it fails to accept the declined value of the principal. Lower interest loans will not only save you loads of money for the business but help you repay the debt as soon as possible and in a better way. But, is there any way to get a commercial loan? Yes, there are!

Below mentioned are a couple of tips that can answer your question “How to get a commercial loan at lower rate for my business?”

·       Raise your credit score: The credit score is something that shows a firm’s creditworthiness. The credit scores of small businesses or possessor businesses are generally seen in the same light as that of individuals. Enhancing our score means lessening our credit use ratio; this is the ratio of the credit limit accessible and the credit limit utilized. To put it simply, the amount you have divided by your credit limit. Hence, a better score can assist you to bag a lower interest rate. One must always bear the credit use ratio up to some amount of the overall limit.  

·       Don’t Default your payments: Your monthly payment is the standardized deduction of your credited amount. On the off chance, if you repay the amount without any issues, you enhance the chances of attaining a lower rate of interest as a token of gratitude from your commercial loan giver. If you keep your repayment history clean and stronger, you will get the favor of being an excellent client.

·       Improve your business financials: If you have a profitable business, it is possible to obtain lower interest rates from your commercial loan lender. This is because the interest rate calculation usually depends on different factors that include the financial position of the firm, the new projects, and the turnover of the same. Therefore, if you want lower rates on interest on your commercial business loan, make sure to improve your financial statements.

·       Research and refinancing: Whether you know it or not, some of the competitors usually offer lower interest rates in comparison to your existing rate. In such kind of scenario, it is possible to do a balance transfer of the loan. It is generally where the loan provider (be it a bank or a company) repays the loan and gives you the balanced payment with decreased interest rates in the form of a commercial business loan.

·       Business history: Established vintage businesses have higher credibility for business which boosts the chances of getting a lower rate of interest as it improves the business profile.

Some other options that one can look for to lower the interest rates are as follows: 

·       Never consider canceling your old credit cards.

·       If a secured business loan is essential, provide or apply valuable collateral or protection.

·       Rather than a short-term business loan, opt for a long-term one.

·       Apply for a loan with one of the top private or public sector banks and firms.

·       Always calculate your interest rates using the business loan payment calculator.

Altogether, by keeping the above-listed factors in mind, you can get a loan for your business at lower interest rates.