One thing that you will learn in life is that having loans and credit card payments are the new synonyms of breathing. However, there comes a time when you and your business need quick credit. Isn’t it? But failing to pay the money back can leave anyone stressed out. Fortunately, MCA Debt Restructuring options can help you resolve your issues by potentially reducing your MCA obligations.

Below are some important points you must comprehend to decide if an MCA restructuring options are worth your time, effort, and money or not.     

1.   What Is A MCA Debt Restructuring Service?

An MCA debt restructuring service works with a network of attorney’s who can get in touch with your MCA funder and discuss options about restructuring your total MCA obligations. This also means that if you require lowering a hefty amount of unsecured debt, an attorney from our network can possibly negotiate for your funder. Some other unsecured debts include student loans, credit cards, and medical bills. Just like MCA (Merchant Cash Advance), these debts also don’t need any collateral. 

2.   Do I Need An MCA Debt Restructuring Service?

If you don’t want to get bankrupt, hiring an MCA debt restructuring service might be a much better idea. It is beneficial to hire expert services, especially when you have a huge advance to pay without significant payment resources. Attorney’s in our nationwide network can also support you by possibly securing a good option to lower your MCA debt obligations.

3.   How Much Does An MCA Restructuring Service cost?

The charges associated with the services of a MCA restructuring service will depend on the amount you owe or save. However, several firms also base their fee on contingency. Meaning, there will be no or small upfront payment, only a small percent of the amount you saved. Before you hire any restructuring serve, it is better to talk about the charges and any other potential costs you may need to pay later.  

4.   Is Hiring An MCA Restructuring Service Worth It?

There is no question; talking with a MCA funder about your merchant cash advance is a daunting task! However, if you choose to hire a service provider that works with attorney network, he/she can take worries off your shoulder. An expert can represent you in the case, even if you have been sued by your MCA funder. Moreover, he/she will give you real insights into if you are running out of options. 

5.   What Types of MCA Restructuring Service Should You Avoid?

Avoid a company that wants all money upfront or one that charges 25-30% of total debt amount enrolled. Work with a company that may or may not charge a very small upfront fee and then only charges 15% of total amount saved in the end. Most importantly, companies that work with nationwide network of attorney’s are very flexible and this network of attorney’s nationwide can also handle litigation if business owner ends up getting sued by the MCA funder in any of the 50 states.

Reach out to us and we can discuss in detail how our MCA Restructuring Services might be the best choice for your current MCA debt obligations. Ethically, we cannot guarantee success, but we have a very good track record of solving debt problems for our customers who sought our services in the past.