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Royale Capital understands that just because you’re a small business, that doesn’t mean you have small goals and dreams. But scaling your business to new heights takes capital. That’s why we work with you and the US Small Business Association (SBA) to fund your business growth. We demystify the application process and work on your behalf to secure the money you need to scale. It’s another way that we support our clients in their businesses, saving you time and increasing your odds of approval since we do the work of finding the best options to get the funds you need into your hands.

SBA Loan 101

SBA Loans fund the backbone of America's economy. SBA loans are driven by a government program that delivers capital and education to America’s small businesses. The government guarantees a certain percentage of the loan, making it a more attractive choice for lenders to back. Government backing also means that it can be easier to be approved for compared to traditional business loans.

Who is a good fit for SBA Lending?

- 2+ Years in Business: Growing businesses with at least two years of history stand to gain the most benefit from SBA lending services.

- 660+ Personal Credit Score: A history of successful money management, paying bills on time and maintaining good credit will help you secure best rates and repayment terms.

- $100,000+ Annual Revenue: A growing revenue will ensure that your business has the strong foundation to make these government-backed SBA loans work best for your business.

Types of SBA Loans We Facilitate

We work with you to build your dream. We’ll help match you with the right SBA loan and walk you through the application process. Most loans don’t require any fees, but we retain a low fee structure in the event a fee isn’t covered by the lender. Loan types include:

SBA 7(a)

Appropriate for most business types and most business needs, offering up to $5 million.

SBA 504

Helps fund long-term, fixed-asset loans up to $5 million.

SBA CAPlines

Help small businesses manage cash flow with revolving lines of credit of up to $5 million.

SBA International Trade Loan

Help small businesses enter international markets and make needed investments to compete with other importers, offering up to $5 million.

What's the difference between 7a and 504 programs?

The main difference between these two SBA financing options is that the 504 loan is used mainly for purchasing or making improvement to a long-term fixed asset such as real estate or large machinery. It can provide up to $5 million for terms of 10, 20 or 25 years.

Whereas, the 7(a) loan can also be used for property and machinery purposes, but is mostly geared toward more general small business purposes, such as acquiring an existing business or franchise, improving inventory, providing working capital and refinancing debt, over mostly 10-year terms.

The Right Choice for Your Business

SBA loans have many benefits that make them an attractive choice over traditional loans.

Low Interest Rates

While your creditworthiness will factor into your loan rate, SBA loans have some of the lowest interest rates out there for small businesses.

Capital Availability

Unlike other loans that make it difficult to access capital, SBA loans make it easier to access the funds you need, up to $5 million through the 7(a) program.

Extended Repayment Terms

SBA loans offer attractive payment plans that help you better scale your business by making payments manageable. Depending on what you’re using the funds for, you can expect payment plans ranging from 7 to 25 years.

Low Down Payments

Most loans will require a down payment. SBA loans make your down payment more manageable, typically in the 10-20% range and no down payment for microloans.

Flexibility of Use

Many business loans have restrictions on what you can use the funds for. SBA loans are more flexible and allow you to use the funds for almost anything.

Access to SBA Resources

Securing an SBA loan means also getting access to the organization's vast network of resources, including mentorship and training opportunities.

Our Fee Structure

We are compensated by the lenders in a very high majority of cases. For the rare few cases, where we must charge clients upfront fee, we may use the following fee schedule for services rendered. Please note that Hard Money Loans could incur additional costs.

Our Fees         Loan Amount

1.0%              <$1,000,000
0.9%              $1,000,001 - $2,000,000
0.8%              $2,000,001 - $3,000,000
0.7%              $3,000,001 - $4,000,000
0.6%              $4,000,001 - $5,000,000
0.5%               >$5,000,001

For government-guaranteed loans, there are guarantee fees ranging from 2-3.75% charged by the federal government. The government collects loan guaranty fees so entrepreneurs (not the United States taxpayers) bear much of the cost of funding and operating government-backed financial assistance programs.

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