Sell Your Business with Confidence

We guide you through the sale of your business while helping you achieve maximum value for your years of hard work. Our Business Sales Division focuses on Main Street Small Business only. These businesses typically have 1 to 25+ employees and revenues from $500K to $5M+.

We value businesses based on seller's discretionary earnings. This is another way of saying the cashflow you receive as an owner of the business. This amount is typically multiplied by 2-4x depending on the business, among other factors.

We strive to get you competitive offers within 90 days. Depending on financing, it may take another 60-90 days to close. Many owners will stay on for another 30-60 days to ensure the next owner is set up for success. Hence, our engagement contract is for 180 days maximum.

Your Trusted Business Sales Partner

When you're thinking about selling your business, there are many things to consider. You've invested so much of your time, energy, and money in growing your dream, so you deserve to get maximum value for your business investment.

And while the business sales process can be complex, having a knowledgeable partner on your side can help demystify and streamline the process for you. From business valuations to taxation and strategic marketing to winning negotiation strategies, you can count on us to advocate for you, ensure you get fair value for your business, and secure the right buyer to pass the torch. 

Free and Accurate Business Valuations

Before your business hits the market, an accurate and comprehensive valuation is necessary. Our team understand the business landscape well and put their expertise to work for you in shaping a confidential appraisal. 

Our valuation process takes several factors into consideration to ensure you get maximum value for your business:

Most Probable Selling Price

Using many valuation factors, we estimate the most likely selling price for your business. We value companies based on the seller's discretionary income- which is the cash flow you receive as a business owner. This amount is usually multiplied 2-4 times depending on the company.

Business Strengths and Weaknesses

We conduct a thorough analysis of your business to create a comprehensive report of your business's strengths and opportunities for improvement so you fully understand how these factors affect your overall market value.

Growth Opportunities

Our valuation process also identifies growth opportunities for your business, highlighting steps you can take to improve your company’s value.

Market Outlook

We look at regional, national, and industry trends to identify market conditions for the timeframe you’re looking to sell.

Our No Upfront Fee Model

We believe that we shouldn’t get paid until our job is done. This means you’ll never pay any upfront fees for our services. Instead, we get paid at closing based on the final sales price.  

We leverage this competitive pricing scale for our fees based on the final sales price:

  • 7.5% on the first $1 million;
  • Plus, 5% on the second $1 million;
  • Plus, 4% on the third $1 million;
  • Plus, 3% on the fourth $1 million;
  • Plus, 2% for any amount greater than $4 million+

Our Promise

We’re committed to complete client satisfaction every step of the way. We guide you from initial valuation to listing to closing and beyond to ensure you receive maximum value and enjoy a smooth transition process.

Full Valuation Transparency

We give you a full and transparent valuation of your business before you sign any contracts to list your business for sale with us.

No-Hassle Process

We pledge to give you a no-hassle end-to-end transaction and lend our expertise every step of the way.

Comprehensive Business Prospectus

We give qualified buyers all of the information they need to know about your business in a Comprehensive Offering Memorandum, helping them confidently engage with you.

Strategic Marketing

Using today’s most innovative and trusted advertising methods, we market your business to the audiences most likely to buy.

SBA Financing Options

We partner with buyers to offer SBA financing to streamline the sale on the buyer end and put more money in your pocket.

End-to-End Support

Our in-house team and network of service providers can help you with all aspects of the sales process, including tax planning, legal services, and Due Diligence support if needed.

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