Business Working Capital Loan

* $25,000 to $500,000
* 5-Yr. Term & Monthly Pay (Not An MCA, or Cash Advance Product)
* No Origination Fees Or Closing Costs
* No Requirement to Pay off Existing Debt

5 or more years in business
* No Home-based businesses: MUST have a business space/office/address; MUST NOT be residential, mailbox, PO Box, UPS address, or any shared office setup
* Must do at least $200,000 in annual revenues
* Guarantor MUST have 680+ credit score

* Monthly Payment Schedule for 5 years
* Annual costs far less than MCA - generally cost of funds will 15-22% per year (in simple interest) times 5 years
* Existing Debt Balances do not need to be paid off
* Will not interfere with other funding - does not create blanket UCC liens
* Will strengthen the business credit
* Non personal guarantee options available
* No restrictions on the use of funds

Our 1-page fillable WC application: Please sign, date, & scan back with the rest    of your submission. Please do not alter any part of this document, as it has specific language that we need to fulfill our compliance and financial privacy requirements.
Our Debt Schedule: Please fill out in its entirety. Accuracy is paramount.
* Three (3) most recent business bank statements (separate pdf’s for each month).
* Copy of front and back of client’s valid driver’s license.
* Copy of your
Experian credit report from last 30 days. We will give conditional approval looking at credit report you provide us. Once you accept the approval terms, then we will formally process the file and pull your credit report.

* Please type only and do not handwrite anything on these application forms.
Please submit case file package in one email to:

The Smart Funding Solution to Grow Your Capabilities

Small and medium-sized businesses face unique challenges when it comes to securing the funding they need to scale. We understand these challenges and offers a variety of funding solutions that can give you the capital you need to grow, even when other lenders have told you no.

Our working capital loan is a smart loan option for improving cash flow, paying down business debt, and serving as a stop-gap option when you're waiting on larger funds from traditional lending sources to come through.

What is a Working Capital Loan?

A working capital loan is different from a traditional loan because it is based on your current liquidity. When you're considered for a working capital loan, we'll look at your current and projected liquidity in approving you for your total amount and repayment terms.

Working capital loans can be a great option to fund everyday business expenses like payroll, equipment purchases, and any other short-term immediate expenses that you may need to cover.

Is a Working Capital Loan Right for You?

There are many instances when a working capital loan might be a good option for your business. Consider applying for a working capital loan if:

Designed to Benefit Your Business

Our working capital loans are designed to support you in your efforts to scale your business with a host of business-friendly benefits.

Customized Lending Based on Cashflow

Your business is unique. So your loan should be, too. We examine your current and projected cashflow in determining how much you qualify for.

Predictable Monthly Payments

Always know when your payment is due and how much is due with our affordable monthly payment plans.

Lower Financing Costs

Working capital loans generally carry fewer fees and allow you to purchase items you can write off, optimizing your savings.

Five to ten year Repayment Terms

Take up to ten years to repay your working capital loan and select the repayment terms that work best for your business.

Strengthen Your Credit

Working capital loans don’t count against your credit, giving you more options and helping you appear more creditworthy to traditional lending programs.

Keep Existing Loans Intact

Securing a working capital loan isn't dependent on you paying off the balances of your other current loans.